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Whilst flying home from Malta yesterday 05.07.2014, Team Europe Ltd members of staff encountered something that one is rarely privy to experiencing. The Easyjet aircraft that we were flying on was met by a Mirage Jet Fighter at 36000 feet.

The pilot advised passengers on the left not to panic if they saw the jet fighter. Its unknown, but one of the passengers said that our aircraft had lost communication with the ground and that who ever the Jet fighter belonged too, had scrambled the jet to investigate our aircraft. Whether this is true or not, it seemed to make sense.

I took something from this with regards to marketing our company. Firstly why was the fighter jet there in the first place and if there was a communication situation, what could the consequences be? Although there was effective communication from the cockpit to the passengers, there appeared to be no communication from the Easyjet aircraft to the ground. The consequences could have been catastrophic with the fighter jet shooting the passenger jet down. Albeit this is extreme but still possible.

The same goes for effective communication with regards to marketing your company. You may be out there but how do people know?  We are quite fortunate at Team Europe Ltd because we are in a niche market,  have many years experience in our field of Borescope Inspections and we get referred quite often.

So with regards to this communication for companies that do not know or haven’t heard of Team Europe Ltd,  here we are! I took this opportunity to share my experience. How will you share your experience and company?

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