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Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspection and HPC Blade Blend Repair Specialists

Borescope Inspections, GVI & Inventory Checks

If you are a Leasing Company, Bank, Airline or MRO, Team Europe has world-class, experienced engineers capable of performing any requirement of Borescope inspections necessary to support you, from Full Front to Rear BSIs, SBs, ADs, GVIs and Inventory Checks.  We also have the capability to perform BSIs on a range of APUs!

On and Off-Wing Blade Blend Repairs

Experienced engineers are capable of performing; 

  • LPC & HPC Blade Blend Repairs to Rolls Royce Trent Series Engine, 
  • HPC Blend Repairs on CFM56 Series, 
  • GE CF6 Series, 
  • General Electric GE90 Series, 
  • IAE V2500 Series 

CALL: +447850262711

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