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Team Europe Ltd has been in discussions with CFMI/Snecma representatives with regards to the One time re-inspection requirement post High Pressure Compressor Blade Blend Repair and it was confirm today that at the next AMM revision in July, the follow up One-time inspection will be REMOVED.

This decision is going to have a profound effect for both lessor and lessee. In my 20 years of experience working with both the lessor and the lessee it has always bee a bone of contention between both parties whether receiving the engine or delivering the engine. Neither party would be prepared to accept the re-inspection post blend repair and in some cases would request the damage blade be removed via the Topcase procedure.

Firstly the downtime involved in having to perform the Topcase could be as much as 3-7 days depending on the scope of work versus the same damage can be repaired in 1 day with the Borescope Blade Blend Repair procedure and at a considerable cost saving, some where in the region of 10 times less.

The decision to remove the One time re-inspection will be welcomed by Operators, Lessors and lesses alike purely from a time and cost saving perspective.

Team Europe Ltd have been specialising in HPC borescope Blade Blending for over 20 years and we have the equipment and manpower to support your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a requirement for this repair.

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